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Designed by mothers, for mothers founders Lisa Ebbing and Angela Sloan revolutionised the nursing lingerie market in 2004 with its provocative and fashion forward brand Hotmilk.

Their aspiration to continually develop and improve lingerie for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers led them to create two complimentary brands Hotmilk & Projectme under the Hotmilk Collective portfolio offering every mother the choice she deserves.

Based in New Zealand Hotmilk Collective are very proactive in understanding the ever-growing pressures placed on the environment and do the utmost to minimise the harmful effects materialism has on the planet and its people. Hotmilk Collective is very selective in choosing manufacturing partners and only uses factories based on certification codes of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility.

The product is designed with the integrity of women in mind and Hotmilk Collective choose to work with various charities around the world to help mothers & women in need.


Hotmilk is all encompassing, provocative & fashion forward in styling and offers premium product with the philosophy to celebrate and empower women via a fresh, creative approach.


Projectme is brave, connected, maternity and nursing wear that breaks the rules, defies the norm and stands out unapologetically with it’s influential style. Projectme is an inspiring community of women that creates a world where mothers can stay true to themselves and be wild and brave.