Measure up!

Posted: Oct 21 2014

We have all been there, buying a garment that is saggier than sexy, tighter than tigress! Rest assured this guide to fitting will leave you feeling as ravishing as your new sexy Hotmilk lingerie.

Find a tape measure (ours are normally in the depths of the craft cupboard with long forgotten projects) and pop your gorgeous body in front of a mirror. Wear your normal bra (not a padded number).

Measure your underbust – measure directly under your bust, check in your mirror that the tape measure is flat across your back. Make sure the tape is firm when you measure and when we mean firm we mean tight! Not so much it cuts in but as tight as you can, without cutting in. Then refer to the chart below for your body or band size e.g. 30”. You’re halfway there!

Measure your bust/cup size – Find the fullest part of your bust and pop the tape measure around ensuring that the tape measure is again level and straight. Do not measure this firmly! Keep this comfy and a little loose (smile, you look hot today!). Refer to the chart below to find your cup size e.g. 37”.


Or click here for a larger guide

Voilà you now have a bra size (example 34D) and are now ready to shop! The size finder on the Hotmilk site is an easy way to shop your size. Us? We are off to dig up tape measures and find our credit cards! Good luck ladies x




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